VAT Management

Managing the VAT-processing and reporting for a business can be complex and time consuming, taking you away from the important task of leading and growing your business.

The Invisible Assistant has highly experienced staff who have dealt with VAT Management for many years; they have longstanding, trusted relationships with HMRC.  The experience and knowledge we have means we can quickly understand your VAT requirements and deal with any issues that may arise.


By using our services, you can ensure that you comply fully with all relevant VAT legislation.

The benefits of our VAT management solutions

We excel at VAT management.  Our staff are available to provide dedicated advice and offer support. They will understand your requirements and work with you to manage VAT for your business.

Our VAT management solutions help deliver the following key benefits:
VAT Management Benefits


We charge a simple, hourly fee for our work; there's no need for you to incur the cost of recruiting staff, providing office space, IT equipment and software etc. 

VAT Management Benefits


By allowing us to fulfil the more mundane and repetitive tasks for your business, you can focus on driving business growth and increasing sales.

VAT Management Benefits


Our team members have broad experience across a variety of industries and disciplines.  Whatever your requirements, we can quickly provide you with the resource you need.

VAT Management Benefits


We understand changes in the law and regulations that impact VAT, so you don't have to worry.

  • Calculation and processing of VAT

  • VAT analysis and reporting

  • Liasing and working closely with your accountant

  • Submitting VAT returns to HMRC

  • Dealing with HMRC to resolve any queries or issues that may arise

Our team of VAT Management experts can assist
with the following:

What Do Our Customers Say?

Highly Knowledgeable

"From the first call with Claire, it was clear that I was dealing with a highly knowledgeable and professional person.  I had no hesitation for The Invisible Assistant to provide our bookkeeping service.  I can highly recommend them to any business."