All of our services are bespoke to you and your business

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Tell us how you work currently, what help you need and when you need it.

2. Tailored Proposal

Once we understand your requirements we will provide you with a proposal outlining how we can help and how much it will cost.

3. Service Launch

We will start delivering the service, working closely with you to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Pricing Steps
Pricing Steps
Pricing Steps
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In addition to the services we provide to businesses, we can also provide career support to individuals.  The prices for that service are shown below:

It's very easy to get started with us:

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Remember you only pay for the hours you use and are invoiced at the end of the month. You don't pay for our coffee breaks, team meetings, sickness, holidays etc. You can quickly find out at any point in the month how much time you have used.

Pricing Table For Career Support

Individual services

Create new CV (first job)

Create new CV  (regular)

Refresh existing CV

Create cover letter for CV

Create new LinkedIn profile

Refresh existing LinkedIn Profile

Submit CV to related agencies

- up to 5 recruitment agencies

Assisted job search

- Internet/agency search for 1 month

£79 + VAT

£149 + VAT

£99 + VAT

£29 + VAT

£149 + VAT

£99 + VAT

£99 + VAT

£179 + VAT

scratch package

A discounted package that includes the following:

  Create new CV

  Create cover letter for CV

✅  Create new LinkedIn profile

All of the above for £249 + VAT

first aid package

A discounted package that includes the following:

  Refresh existing CV

  Create cover letter for CV

✅  Refresh existing LinkedIn profile

All of the above for £179 + VAT