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Cost Effective Office Administration

Office Administration Farnborough

We provide a complete office administration service in Farnborough, for tasks which are often seen as mundane, but are vital to the smooth-running of a business.
We offer fully flexible, cost effective office administration solutions to meet your needs. We can take on a specific project or cover a wide variety of activities; you only ever pay for the hours that we work, all wrapped up in a simple hourly fee. The hours we work are flexible, giving you the peace of mind that the work will be done efficiently and effectively. In addition, we work remotely so there's no need to worry about office space, providing IT equipment or HR costs; we take care of all of that.

By working with us, whilst we take care of the office administration for you in Farnborough


Is Office Administration Becoming A Burden & Impacting Your Operations & Growth?

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Overview - Office Administration Farnborough

Our team can assist with a wide variety of office administration tasks, here's a few examples:

Manage Administrative Tasks: Our team can handle various administrative duties such as answering phones, scheduling appointments, managing calendars, and organising meetings. 

Coordinate Office Operations: They can oversee day-to-day office operations, ensuring that office supplies are stocked, equipment is maintained and facilities are organised.

Handle Correspondence: Our office administration specialists can manage incoming and outgoing correspondence, including emails, letters and packages. They ensure that messages are relayed promptly and accurately.

Maintain Records: They can be responsible for maintaining accurate records and filing systems, both electronic and physical. This includes organising documents, updating databases and archiving records as needed.

Assist With Human Resources: They can support HR functions such as employee onboarding, maintaining personnel records, processing paperwork and coordinating training sessions.

Manage Travel Arrangements: Our office administration specialists can coordinate travel arrangements for employees, including booking flights, accommodations and transportation as required.

Handle Financial Tasks: They can assist with financial tasks such as processing invoices, reconciling expenses and managing petty cash. They may also assist with budget tracking and expense reporting.

Provide Customer Service: They can serve as a point of contact for clients, customers and visitors, providing information, assistance and resolving inquiries or concerns in a professional manner.

Coordinate Events: Our specialists can organise company events, meetings and conferences. This includes coordinating logistics, booking venues, arranging catering and managing RSVPs.

Ensure Compliance: They can ensure that the office operates in compliance with relevant regulations and policies. This may involve maintaining confidentiality, adhering to data protection laws and enforcing workplace health and safety guidelines.

Overall, our team can play a vital role in ensuring the efficiency, organisation and professionalism of the office environment by managing administrative tasks, coordinating operations and providing support to employees and customers.


As Your Office Administration Provider In Farnborough, We'll Focus On The Office Administration, So You Can Take Care Of & Grow Your Business

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To ensure our service is right for you and your business, we can give you 1 month of our service for free, so you can find out why our customers rate us 5*

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Customer Ratings & Feedback

We are proud of the fact that we have 5* ratings for our outsourced office administration service, across various on-line sites that allows clients to leave reviews. Those review ratings are shown below:

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Fun Fact - Farnborough

Farnborough in the UK isn't just about airplanes! It was actually the place where the very first powered flight in Britain happened, all the way back in 1908! The pilot? An American showman named Samuel Cody. Pretty impressive for a town known for its airshows!

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