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The Invisible Assistant's executive support services can help take some of your stress away.  Whether it's managing your diary, assisting with the preparation of a presentation, keeping an eye on your e-mail, dealing with post or any other task, we can help.

Our team have decades of experience in providing support to busy executives and teams and in undertaking repetitive administrative tasks that distract you from your work.

We can offer fully flexible support, whether that's an hour a week, an hour a day or a service that looks like you have full-time executive support. We have the skills and experience to make that happen.  We can take away the burden of recruiting staff, providing office space, IT equipment and incurring HR overheads while making you more efficient and effective in growing your business.

The benefits of our executive support solutions

We are experts in executive support and business administration.  Our staff are available to provide dedicated advice and offer support. They will understand your requirements and work with you to provide a flexible, cost-effective service that helps your business achieve its goals.

Our executive assistant solutions help deliver the following key benefits:
Executive Support Benefits


We charge a simple, hourly fee for our work; there's no need for you to incur the cost of recruiting staff, providing office space, IT equipment and software etc. 

Executive Support Benefits


We offer full flexibility, whether it's for less than an hour a week or 100 hours a month, we can take care of that.  In addition, if your circumstances change and you need more or less resource, we just adapt to meet your requirements.

Executive Support Benefits


We employ people who have the skills and experience to provide you with the support that you and your business need.  Our staff are professional, discreet and trustworthy.

Executive Support Benefits


By allowing us to fulfil the more mundane and repetitive tasks for your business to a high standard, you can focus on driving business growth and increasing sales.

  • Managing your diary

  • Liaising with contacts to setup meetings

  • Dealing with post and e-mails

  • Preparing presentations

  • Reviewing and proofreading reports and documents

  • Expense claims and reporting

  • Any other tasks that free you up to focus on running and growing your business

Our team of executive support experts can deliver
the following:

What Do Our Customers Say?

Highly Knowledgeable

"From the first call with Claire it was clear that I was dealing with a highly knowledgeable and professional person.  I had no hesitation for The Invisible Assistant to provide our bookkeeping service.  I can highly recommend them to any business."