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Credit Control


Whether you lack the resource or expertise in-house, you need to improve payment-performance or your customers are simply taking too long to pay your invoices, we are confident we can help you improve your cashflow.

We work with a wide range of businesses across different sectors to help ensure that their invoices are paid on time, thereby helping them to improve their cashflow and reduce the risk of bad debts.  Our collection service is telephone-led but is also backed up by written demands via e-mail and post.

We can offer a full outsourced credit control service or help with overdue invoices that are proving difficult to collect.  Our service means you don't have to worry about recruiting staff and providing them with office space, IT equipment etc.  That gives you the opportunity to focus on the rest of the business whilst being confident that cashflow is under control.

The benefits of our credit control solutions

We can provide a first-class credit control service.  Our staff are available to provide dedicated advice and offer support. They will understand your requirements and work with you to achieve your credit control ambitions.

Our credit control solutions help deliver the following key benefits:
Credit Control Benefits


By providing a dedicated focus on credit control and collection, we can help you improve your company's cashflow.

Credit Control Benefits


We offer full flexibility. Whether it's for less than an hour a week or 100 hours a month, we can take care of that.  In addition, if your circumstances change and you need more or less resource, we just adapt to meet your requirements.

Credit Control Benefits


We employ people who are qualified and have vast experience in credit control and other financial disciplines.

Credit Control Benefits


We charge a simple, hourly fee for our work; there's no need for you to incur the cost of recruiting staff, providing office space, IT equipment and software etc. 

  • Providing a fully outsourced credit control service

  • Providing support to deal with ad-hoc overdue invoices

  • Working with you to review your credit control processes and recommending improvements to aid cashflow

Our team of credit control experts can assist with
the following:

What Do Our Customers Say?

Highly Knowledgeable

"From the first call with Claire it was clear that I was dealing with a highly knowledgeable and professional person.  I had no hesitation for The Invisible Assistant to provide our bookkeeping service.  I can highly recommend them to any business."