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Data Protection

Data protection is about making sure that information about people, ‘personal data’, is kept secure and not mis-used. It’s more than ticking boxes to comply with a legal requirement, it’s about handling other people’s data in ways that you’d want your own to be handled.


The rules on data protection, most recently through GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation), can sometimes seem overwhelming, but through our data protection expert, we can help you develop ways of working that comply with law and that are right for your business.


We have the expertise so you don’t have to, which leaves you free to get on with the other aspects of running your business.

The benefits of our Data Protection solutions

Well thought through systems and processes for handling personal data, supported and operated by people who understand what they are doing and why, will ensure that your company is able to strike the balance between compliance and efficiency. 

Our data protection solutions help deliver the following key benefits:
VAT Management Benefits


We charge a simple, hourly fee for our work; there's no need for you to incur the cost of recruiting staff, providing office space, IT equipment and software etc. 


Our support is available to you per hour or per task, depending on the nature of the solution that you need.


Our privacy expert holds the British Computer Society certificate in data protection and has more than 20 years of practical experience. He knows what questions to ask, what works and what doesn’t.

VAT Management Benefits


Because of our experience, you can rest assured that you’ve had the very best advice for managing and keeping safe one of your most valuable assets: data.

  • Responding to data breaches

  • Assessing your organisation’s overall compliance with data protection law

  • Developing key documentation

  • Providing training (tailored to the needs of those who receive it)

  • Building ‘data protection by design and default’ into new IT projects

  • Reducing risk when sharing personal data (for example with organisations providing outsourced services)

Our data protection and privacy expert can assist
with the following:

What Do Our Customers Say?

Highly Knowledgeable

"From the first call with Claire, it was clear that I was dealing with a highly knowledgeable and professional person.  I had no hesitation for The Invisible Assistant to provide our bookkeeping service.  I can highly recommend them to any business."