What Can We Do?

    Medical Bookkeeping

    We provide bookkeeping services to a number of medical professionals from consultants to practitioners delivering medical treatment and alternative therapy services. We have a wealth of experience working with private insurance companies and dealing with clients in a professional and understanding manner given the circumstances which may surround their treatment. We are experienced at working with most accounting software packages and the integration with Cliniko which is widely used in practice management.

    Event Management

    Let us handle your lists for invitations, track responses and produce attendee lists and badges to ensure that our event runs smoothly. We can also help with sourcing venues, negotiating terms and providing a friendly and efficient reception service for your event.

    Database/List Building

    We will research and build a list according to your specifications for sales or other purposes.

    E-Mail Campaigns

    We will manage an e-mail campaign to ensure that it is personalised and as effective as possible in reaching your audience.

    Web Content Provision

    Let us take care of your on-page SEO, regular blog or social medial strategy. Specialists in content generation, where applicable we can provide fully optimised text uploaded directly to your website via your CMS.


    For some people, mistakes leap out at them and certainly do not create a good impression. We all know that we miss mistakes in our own work, so have someone else look through your work carefully to ensure you are creating the desired impression. This service is available for a single page or an entire website or when you add new content.

    Bookkeeping & Payroll

    We can provide bookkeeping and payroll services on a large or small scale including PAYE and VAT returns.

    Internet & Media Research

    We will carry out research on your required topics – whether it is product, sector or company research.

    Creation Of Promotional Material

    Whether it’s invitations, catalogues, letterheads or brochures, we can help you to lay out efficient and effective material.

    Preparing & Laying Out Complex
        Documents, Reports Or Proposals

    There can be endless frustrations when you need a table of contents, diagrams, tables, page numbering and other more complicated features from Word. We know how to do it, so avoid those frustrations and ensure your document does what you want it to.

    Producing Stylish Newsletters

    We will lay out newsletters so that your text flows efficiently and images appear where you want them, creating a good impression and encouraging the recipients to read your content.

    Survey Creation & Management

    We will design your survey for you and manage the responses received by email so that you have useful feedback and information.

    Preparing Templates For A Consistent
        Corporate Image

    We can set up templates for all of your company documents to ensure consistent use of fonts, logos and other company information.

    Building Complex Spreadsheets Including
        Macros To Automate Many Tasks

    It should never be necessary to enter the same information twice on a spreadsheet; we prepare spreadsheets with this in mind, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring accurate and reliable analysis is possible. We will also automate procedures where possible so that advanced knowledge is not required to use the finished product.

    IT Training & Advice

    We can provide IT training on a one-to-one or classroom basis on Microsoft products or bespoke systems to ensure your business is using the full capability of its software and working efficiently and effectively to maximise the return on your investment.

    Creation & Maintenance Of Websites

    We can work with you on the content for your website and provide a vast range of templates for you to choose from and customise to create your online shop window. We will also work with you to maintain this so that the information is fresh and up-to-date.

    Research For Headhunting &

    We have many years of experience of searching databases for candidates for headhunting roles and will build a list and grade the candidates accordingly before you make an approach to them.

    Transcription & Audio

    We provide a full transcription service whether it's for one person recording letters/reports or for large meetings and seminars. One of our specialities is medical transcription.

    Company Secretarial

    We ensure the efficient administration of your company, particularly with regard to compliance statutory and regulatory requirements.

Specialist Services

Our Approach

The Invisible Assistant undertakes specialist tasks for your business where you lack the skills, time or systems to be able to fulfil them easily in house. These are the types of task which are often sitting in your in-tray but could move your business forward if you could allocate them to someone with initiative and know-how.

Our range of services can be adapted to suit your business needs, either adopting your own systems or offering bespoke solutions to areas where your processes have become outdated or inefficient. We have access to the latest software and systems to ensure compatibility and continuity.

How you work with us

Contact us by telephone or email to discuss your requirements or arrange a meeting. We will agree a timescale and an hourly rate prior to proceeding. You will always have access to, and personal contact with, one of our directors as if we were part of your team. Your work will be covered by a Confidentially Agreement ensuring that your data is stored securely at all times and not used for any other purposes than those specified by you.