What Can We Do?

    Day-To-Day Correspondence

    General letter and e-mail writing to match your corporate style. E-mails can be drafted and returned to you to be sent out from you if required.

    Diary Management

    We will manage your diary and carry out all the calling necessary to arrange and coordinate meetings and travel. Depending on the system you use, the diary can automatically synchronise so you know your schedule immediately.

    E-Mail Management

    We can check emails, respond if required or alert you to important items. We can also write emails on your behalf for you to send out for a more personal response to your clients and associates.

    Sourcing Supplies & Services

    We will do the necessary research to find suppliers or services and come up with at least two alternatives providing details of price, terms and location.

    Data Management

    We will update databases on an ongoing basis or for specific events or tasks to ensure you can access the right contacts and information quickly and efficiently.

    Data Validation & Integrity

    We will check your data for inaccuracies and errors and carry out research to validate information where necessary.

    Editing & Creating Documents,
        Spreadsheets & Presentations

    Let us create and edit your documents for speed and efficiency. We will always look at the most efficient layouts and tools to minimise human error and ensure that last-minute edits cause minimum disruption.

Admin Services

Our Approach

The Invisible Assistant provides a complete office admin service for tasks which are often seen as mundane but which are vital to the smooth running of a business. These tasks can consume a huge amount of time which could be better spent on increasing sales and revenues, outsourcing them to us will improve your efficiency and give you more time to concentrate on growing your business.

Our range of services can be adapted to suit your business needs, either adopting your own systems or offering bespoke solutions to areas where your processes have become outdated or inefficient. We have access to the latest software and systems to ensure compatibility and continuity.

How you work with us

Contact us by telephone or email to discuss your requirements, how we will meet them and agree an hourly rate. Although we work remotely you will always have access to, and personal contact with, one of our directors as if we were part of your team. Your work will be covered by a Confidentially Agreement ensuring that your data is stored securely at all times and not used for any other purposes than those specified by you.